Why short breaks are better than a long holiday

/Why short breaks are better than a long holiday

Why short breaks are better than a long holiday

We all know the stress involved when booking a holiday. Finding the right destination, a great property, packing, organising things to do when you get there and then there’s the actual journey. We looked into why taking a shorter breaks throughout the year are better for you than one long holiday, other than the obvious reason – more holidays, of course.

Make you happier

There is some evidence which proves that taking shorter breaks throughout the course of the year compared to one long holiday does make people happier in the long run. There is no way to determine how definitive this is but if you really think about it, taking more holidays does sound a lot more intriguing, doesn’t it?

Orange sofa with blue csuhions, cofee table with flowers and open plan living space
Grey fabric sofa with silky rug and open plan dining space

Shorter travel time

If you’re taking a short break, you may find that you find yourself doing this in the UK. The trend of staycations is only going to increase. The obvious reason for this is primarily Brexit, however, in the time it takes you to travel to an airport, get there and transfer you could have driven to your staycation, had lunch, unpacked and if you’re lucky enough, had a soak in the hot tub.

Home away from home

The great part about a staycation is that the properties are set up like your own home with everything you might need, but possibly better. You might find that cosy cottage you’ve always longed for or a luxury lodge with a bubbling hot tub. Either one those sound incredible but the greatest part.

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Try something different

With various holidays throughout the year, it will probably mean staying in different properties and you might find that you like a particular lodge or property, but what if you could try them all? Wouldn’t that be a lovely thought! That’s one of the reasons why every lodge at Strawberryfield Park are different. To try something new, experience something different and make the most of each holiday you take.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

The burden of a one big holiday a year is that you feel the need to make it perfect. So, it should be, because it cost a bomb, right? A short break doesn’t need to be perfect, because it won’t be your only time to get away and there’ll be many more to come.

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Two blue sofa's with cushions and open plan living space

Perfect for couples

The best part about short breaks that couples tend to find is that they’re somewhat best booked last minute. Spur of the moment with far less headache and overall, probably more exciting.

Short breaks are ideal for new couples. You’re getting to know one another, and you haven’t been together for long so a weekend away takes the pressure off things.

Reconnect with the great outdoors

What better excuse to get out and about? There are so many places staycations have to offer. One of them being they tend to be in somewhat the most beautiful surroundings. Whether it’s surfing in Cornwall, walking in the Lake District or sipping cider in lovely Somerset. Be inspired with what this magnificent country has to offer and take your time, you have a few breaks ahead of you.

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Take a break

With responsibility, whether that be your work, home or family life comes a degree of stress. With this, we all need the time to take a break and relax. Short breaks are ideal for this without the burden of only going on one big holiday a year, which quite commonly is or used to be the case.

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