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Cheddar Strawberries

Strawberryfield Park

In case you hadn’t guessed… our name has some Strawberry history!

Once one of the many strawberry fields in Cheddar, the then disused land with a farm shop, was bought by Mike in 2006. He ran the farm shop for a year then the magic began to turn it into the gorgeous holiday destination that we have today.

We are now one of Somerset’s leading 5 star luxury holiday parks.

Strawberryfield Park 2006

Cheddar Strawberries

Since the 1800s Cheddars main produce, alongside cheese of course, has been Strawberries – predominantly grown on the south facing slopes of the Mendip Hills.

This year’s poor weather has resulted in a delay for our gorgeous Strawberries, but local farmer Chris Seager thinks that with many strawberry crops kept in polytunnels; some farmers say the bad weather has not been “too damaging”.

Chris Seager, owner of Seagers Farm in Draycott, said due to the fruit being left to naturally ripen this year, he was expecting his strawberries to be even more “flavoursome” than usual. Read all about it here.

Cheddar Strawberry Stall - Seagers

The Strawberry Line

What was originally known as the Cheddar Valley Line used to be vital in the transportation of passengers, quarrying, agriculture and you got it! Strawberries! In fact, because of the large volume of locally grown strawberries in the Mendip Hills, the line carried the strawberries to the London markets. Thus, nicknaming it ‘The Strawberry Line’. The locally grown strawberries still grow today in the very spots they did back then. They are still available to purchase just down the road from Strawberryfield Park in both directions- Cheddar and Draycott.

Now unused and somewhat evolved since the 1980s, the line is a popular path for both cyclists and walkers with its 10 miles of unspoilt scenery from Cheddar to Yatton.  Once finished the transformation will mean the gorgeous walkway will span all the way from Shepton Mallet to Clevedon.

Discover more here.

The Strawberry Line Map

From the park you can walk or drive into the village of Cheddar, leave your car near the leisure centre and follow the road opposite (Valley Line Industrial Park) to the end. This will start you off on The Strawberry Line.

4 facts that you may not know…

  1. Every strawberry has approximately 200 seeds.
  2. They are the only fruit with seeds growing on the outside.
  3. Just 5-6 Strawberries contain more vitamin C in than 1 orange.
  4. In 2015 the UK consumed approximately 168,000 tonnes of Strawberries a year! and consumption has continued to grow.