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Five Reasons to book your Winter Holiday now

Five Reasons to book your Winter Holiday…..NOW!

Many holiday parks are now all but fully booked. So, planning early for winter ensures you don’t miss out on the Winter holiday you were hoping for. With pent up demand and a high volume of bookings postponed to this year after travel restrictions, holidays are being snapped up faster than ever.


1. You can find the best offers by booking early

Sadly, gone are the days of the last-minute holiday deals, abroad and in the UK!

The travel industry has changed a lot over the past couple of years due to many aspects. Now, if you want to get the best savings and luxury lodge options for your holiday, booking early really pays off.

As lodges are limited for the near future, luxury lodges now save their best offers for later on. Many have early booking offers available for those who book around two or three months before travelling. For some, you can save on your lodge resservation if you book at least four months in advance.

So, be sure to snap up your first choice of holiday at a luxury lodge before anyone else – there’s a good chance it won’t be around for long!

2. UK Lodges are in high demand

After so many holidays were postponed during lockdowns, it’s no surprise that travel is in such high demand. Many have opted to NOT travel abroad due to the amount of flight cancellations and risk of travel chaos.

This year, luxury lodges are already booked up more than usual, as a large number of bookings were made from lockdown periods. Add to this those among us who have yet to make a post-lockdown getaway, and you’ll see why it’s best to get in early.

If you’re travelling with a family, this is even more important. For Winter holiday destinations in the UK, the number of multi-bedroom lodge options are even more in demand. During the peak of school holidays, these rooms are booked up fast, so it’s essential to secure yours early for a room that accommodates everyone comfortably.

3. Flight costs and Cancellations

It’s not only holiday lodges and hotels that have limited spaces.

Even if you manage to find a last-minute holiday hotel somewhere abroad at a decent price, you might find you struggle to find a flight – or, discover the price has soared beyond what you expected.

By booking your luxury lodge holiday direct with us, we can secure your reservation for the time you require, and well in advance. This ensures you get the best holiday deal at the time and the lodge of your choice.

Not having to fly to get to Strawberryfield Park makes your Winter holiday more appealing to start.

4. Have your pick of Luxury Lodges

Winter is peak travel time for a number of top holiday destinations in the UK.

The UK may not have the best of weather during the Winter but it makes up for what there is to visit and explore in Somerset; with the school holidays over Christmas, it’s also a huge attraction for families.

Outside of Christmas Holidays, October half-term, February half-term and even Easter we have noticed visitors are already getting booked up well in advance.

So, if you have your heart set on some of the top winter relaxation without the need to fly, be sure to plan it as soon as you can.

5. Reserve extras to make the most of your holiday

Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference to your holiday. Even with a luxurious hot tub, private decking areas and the best of lodge interiors with countryside views there’s always room for extras.

Whether it’s a well-needed relaxation and masssage, a romantic private dinner or experiences for the whole family to enjoy, details matter.

With our on-site holiday service, we always do what we can to make arrangements for you in advance. If you plan early, we can make sure that any reservations are taken care of. That way, you can look forward to your Winter holiday without any disappointment and make your stay even more luxurious with some lovely extras.

Extra Facilities

  • Bottle of champagne : £42.00 per booking
  • Bottle of organic red wine : £14.00 per booking
  • Bottle of prosecco: £22.00 per booking
  • Early CHECK IN ARRIVAL 1.00pm: £38.00 per booking
  • Late CHECK-OUT DEPARTURE 1.00pm: £38.00 per booking
  • Local Breakfast Hamper: £32.00 per booking
  • Local Welcome Hamper: £30.00 per booking
  • Professionally made up fresh flower bouquet from our local florist : £35.00 per booking
  • Rose Petals: £9.50 per booking


6. (Added Bonus) You can bring your pets along

Our Pets – Let’s be honest, they are part of the family and many of us can’t be parted from our fluff ball for too long. In fact, it feels like something is missing if they aren’t there while on vacation. The UK alone, there are over 8.5 million dogs with their owners all smitten by their four-legged friend. The nations tourism sector now offers more pet-friendly holidays than ever before and you will be surprised at the fantastic choice of our luxury lodge accommodation options now available at our holiday park.


Before booking through us, please read the Booking Terms and Conditions carefully and all the other information relevant to your booking.

We do not offer travel insurance at Strawberryfield Park, however, we highly recommend taking out travel insurance personally once you have a confirmed booking notification.